Living in England, Birth of Edward























Edward was born on 5th July 1994



Business Meeting - Lake District, Spring 1994

I get to choose business venues and like the Lake District as a central meeting point.  The Leeming House Hotel in Ullswater was a good location and had pretty views over the Lake.  There is no better place to conduct relaxed business discussions than over afternoon tea on the verandah.

Here colleagues kindly gave us some special child rearing kit as gifts for our impending birth.


Leeming House Hotel, Ullswater


I was touched by the kindness and generosity of my colleagues


Birth of Edward - 5th July 1994

Undoubtedly the birth of your first child is the most emotional and life changing experience of all.  Immediately after Edward was born he was handed to me, and the image of his face, as he tried to open his eyes and look into mine, has been lasered onto my brain.  Totally unforgettable. 


Withington Hospital, Manchester


The midwives in the hospital were absolutely brilliant.  As Clair and I both come from large families we were literally showered with flowers and cards.  Over 19 bouquets in all.


Proud Dad                                                                                                                           Coming Home


Nursery                                                                                                                                                  Bath




Edward Meets Grandparents and some Aunts and Uncles....


Staff at HQ were equally generous....


Summer Day Trips

With a new baby we had not planned any foreign travel, but had a wonderful time exploring the local English countryside over a long, warm, idyllic summer.  Visits to Derbyshire, Lake District, Morecombe and of course hoards of relatives.







More Summer Day Trips....


Morecombe Beach


Meeting Great Granny


Clair starts back at work after three months maternity leave and we have found an absolutely fantastic live-in Nanny.


Hollywood Florida

I finally managed to find some time to pop over to Hollywood, Florida to see an old friend from boarding school.  He is very happy with a new wife, very settled in his new country and, judging by his choice of car, is going to become an American.

Lakeside Apartments, Hollywood, Florida


Friend with his Yank Tank......                                                                                           ......whoops he heard me.....


Winter 1994

Granada TV Studio Tour Manchester, England.                                                                                        Christmas 1994


Granada TV Studio tour in Manchester is a worthwhile experience.  Not up to the competition in the US but has some unique British Institutions represented and is the home of Coronation Street.




Living in England

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